Four Keys to Increase Accepted Offers

Getting offers accepted has always been a complicated job, but worker shortages have made it worse. This is especially true in specialized fields, such as engineering. The lack of qualified candidates has pushed up salaries at a higher rate in the last two years.

It doesn’t end with compensation. Candidates are also looking for better hours, benefits, work-life balance, and other factors outside pay. Getting them to yes has never been trickier.

Embedded software engineer jobs in Michigan
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An Embedded Software Engineer after accepting the job offer

Here are four keys to increase your odds of success.


Candidates are fielding a variety of opportunities. A slow, drawn-out process increases the possibility someone else will get them. Companies have reacted by streamlining their interview process, but it’s important to do the same for offer approvals.

The best way to do this is to create agreed on standards up-front for acceptable salary ranges, vacations, and other key factors. It will make it easier, and quicker, for management to sign off on an offer if it’s within guidelines they’ve already given the thumbs up to.


Good candidates aren’t only looking for more money. When interviewing them, make sure to learn what makes them tick. This would include their motivation for looking, their long-term plans, and other related factors. When you make the offer, emphasize how your opportunity will help them achieve these goals. It could be the x-factor to make a difference between yes and no.


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While salary isn’t everything, it’s a rare candidate who isn’t looking for an increase. Make sure you have a good source to keep current with market compensation standards. Even better, do what you can to find out what competitors are offering.

This goes beyond salary to include benefits, vacation, etc. If you can’t pay more, you might be able to make up the difference other ways.


Do you know what makes you a better employer than your competitors? Make sure you know, because you need to advertise it throughout the interviewing process. If you’ve followed the #2 guideline, you can tie your strengths to their goals for a successful pitch.

There’s no foolproof way to get every offer accepted, but you can increase your odds by staying informed and competitive. It’s the best way to hire the team you need to succeed.

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