Value Proposition

The PRA Group is an effective team that serves the needs of both our Clients and Candidates. Our group of seasoned professionals, whom have met enormous challenges in the past two decades, bringing together the right companies and the right talented professionals, specializes in the difficult search assignments for successful outcomes.

We are specialized in the electrical and electronics niche in multiple industries. We have our ear to the ground in what is happening in your industry. Every recruiter and account representative is talking with professionals in your industry sector all week long. Our staff also brings to the table the knowledge of how the economy and other outside forces (i.e., the depression of housing sales) are going to impact your hiring or job change plans. We provide you solutions to those challenges.

Working together our experienced team is ready to help you build your staff or find our candidates that next career move. For those candidates who are not a match for current openings we do spend time with you to find out what we can do for you in the future and when appropriate, offer advice on your resume or any other area we see that you can benefit from our 20 plus years of experience as a staffing company.