Electrical, Electronic and Embedded Services

Company Philosophy (Vision, Mission and Values)

PRA is a service oriented team atmosphere. PRA is very focused on the success of our clients and candidates. Our key operational method is to build relationships with people who share our business values and assist them in their business and career success.

We are a service organization. Our emphasis is on providing excellent service to our clients and candidates. Emphasis is on knowledge, career growth, business solutions, professionalism, personal growth and integrity.

We work hard at being associated with professionals who are fair, honest & ethical to work with, and we quietly walk away from the rest. We do not do deep discounting of our prices because that would result in a lower level of service.

PRA Staff members operate in leading edge “performance cockpits” which are state-of-the-art systems designed for easy access to needed knowledge and resources. All of this information is readily available. All processes are at their fingertips with minimal wasted time. Training and knowledge are a key element in PRA’s philosophy.

PRA is a learning environment. Teaching each other is key to our growth. We all share and teach each other on a daily basis. This serves to enhance our personal and professional growth, the success of those we serve and the growth of the company.


Innovative solutions provided by technical team experts who are committed to delivering the best results and maintaining the strongest reputation in our industry.


To bring value to the lives of people.

Core Company Values


  • You walk like you talk
  • We have the moral character to stay honest, follow up on our claims, and put full efforts into our work for clients and candidates
  • Differentiate between facts and guesses/suppositions
  • Take golden rule approach to doing business


  • Tell the brutal truth. Always being straightforward
  • Never deceiving or withholding important issues from people
  • Not afraid to say “No”, or “I can’t help” if that is the best answer

Client Values

  • Focus on Value Added Services
  • Care about clients
  • Don’t waste their time
  • Active listening / understanding clients needs
  • Solution provider for clients
  • Contract billing option
  • Get clients the right help
  • Client counseling:
    • How to interview
    • Offering industry knowledge
    • Sending articles
  • Ability to find candidates who can transition jobs/skills
  • Response time
  • Technology = up to date, state of the art
  • Time is what you’re buying at PRA, 24 hours in a day
  • Total & professional commitment to get the job done
  • Recruiting contract w/perm techniques

Candidate Values

  • Care about candidates
  • Not a body shop
  • Placing people in positions that fundamentally improve their lives
  • Long term career opportunities for candidates
  • Quick Response time
  • Career counseling
  • Going Above & beyond:
    • Pass up on lunch to do interview
    • Paid hotel bills
    • Paid for lunches
    • Good retention program
    • Advancing employee expense for traveling or moving
    • State of the art payroll service
  • Total & professional commitment to getting the job done