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Why You MUST Market to the Candidates

No matter what the economy, you are in a battle to win the best employees to your firm. Winning them begins with the impression you make at the interview.

The purpose of this memo is to prepare interviewers so the best candidate will accept the position when offered…without hesitation.

Get More Out Of Your Interviews: Great Questions For Hiring Managers
Candidates are expected to prepare for an interview by doing homework on the company and industry, reviewing the resume, getting a good night’s sleep and making sure his/her shoes are polished.

The interview is just as important to hiring managers, but you may not have as much time to prepare. A glance at the resume and confirming a conference room is often the maximum preparation that will fit into your busy schedule.

This may get you through the technical portion of the interview, but will you uncover the intangibles that differentiate between an “acceptable” and a “great” employee?

In our experience, the right probing questions will reveal work ethic, level of responsibility, ambition and accomplishment. Addressing these topics in your interview will help you to find the candidate who best fits your organization. Feel free to contact us anytime for effective interviewing tips and techniques at 810-740-8027.

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